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HR 831 quartz carbonate vein system (QCVS) is the first new significant unit discovered since 1910 within the core (55 000 000 m/oz) mine cluster - Downtown Central Timmins -

This unit was hidden under forested overburden and sand on an overlooked parcel of private land until discovery (2008) – HR 831 system appears to be the feeder to adjacent Aunor – Delnite mines ( 3.4 million ounces @ 8 to 10 g/t )

Typically, Canadian quartz carbonate units host a few million tons of ore – Here in Central Timmins the larger units host 50 to 100 million plus tons with grade ranging between 5 to 15 g/t.

HR 831 is well exposed at surface on outcrop, termed a sheeted shear hosted unit. Six parallel vein sets 10 to 20 metres apart are exposed and trac able. Several of these sets measure 800 plus feet or 250 meters in length.

The HR 831 Unit has been drill tested to depth, de-risked, proven genuine. The entire vein system blows out vertically to depth and follows the Mylonite model.

3.4 million proximal adjacent ounces at 8 – 10 g/t have been previously exploited on the south neighbouring property, mined from two splay systems that plunge towards the HR 831 unit at 50 and 60 degrees north.

Based on over 100 years of production data recorded from surrounding units – the HR 831 unit may host 2 to 20 million ounces – the property hosts at least the nucleus of another large unit - ore may extend beyond the property boundaries.

The company is patiently seeking a suitable capital partner(s) to develop the HR 831 Brownfield Project.


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